​​Joyful Hearts
​Childcare Center

​Our Philosophy

​​Our Approach to Education

Joyful Hearts Childcare is dedicated to work as partners with families to provide a safe, challenging, fun-loving respectful environment that is intelectually, socially, emotionally, and physically stimulating for each individual child. Our program philosophy relative to curriculum, assessment, differentiated teaching, family engagement, and program objectives is based on various theories of child development, national and local standards for best practice on early childhood education, and brain research.​​

The National Association for the Education of Young Children's position statement on Developmentally Appropriate Practice and Priciples of Child Development and Learning that Inform Practice is used in our approach with children. We believe that all children are unique in their learning styles and strive to meet them where they are and offer a challenging curriculum that encompasses each child's social and cultural environment and is embedded with the Rhode Island Early Learning Standards. Joyful Hearts teachers are passionate about your child's growth, safety, and provide a nurturing environment that cultivates self-esteem. This is more than a job for our teachers. It is an opportunity for them to share their passion for life while they inspire, engage, and awaken the wonder inside each and every child.
The Rhode Island Early Learning and Development Standards (RIELDS) have been developed to assist families and educators in understanding the typical development of children from birth through  60 months. Standards show what children should know and be able to do and can serve as a guide for doing activities which add to children’s learning and development. The Standards have been developed incorporating the latest research as well as information provided by national experts. The Standards are designed to reflect children’s individual rates of development, their different approaches to learning, and the cultural context in which they live. 

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